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Cut back on purchasing costs yourself

You can do a lot yourself to reduce purchasing costs. First, you need insight into current costs such as ICT, energy costs, facility costs, and so on. The first step is therefore to analyze and segment the creditor file to get a good picture of the purchase costs. Then you can determine per supplier which products you purchase and which quantities are involved.

Analyze appointments

Step two consists of analyzing the contract agreements, in which you look for possibilities to extend existing contracts at more favorable conditions. In this phase you can invite your current supplier, but also other suppliers to compare price and reliability. In the final phase, you make a plan of action to reduce procurement costs, where it is important to involve all stakeholders. A lower price may never lead to a lower quality.

Lasting cost savings by Buyers United

Cutting back on purchasing costs is often unmanageable in practice and requires a lot of effort and knowledge to achieve lasting cost savings. You can get started yourself, but you can of course also call on us to optimize the purchase and reduce your purchasing costs. Our purchasing professionals know the market conditions and know where and how cost savings will be realized on the basis of their expertise.

Substantial improvement

You can contact us for the complete outsourcing of your purchasing activities, but also use our commitment during every phase of a procurement project. Ranging from performing a benchmark, purchasing analysis, drafting product specifications or quotation request, supplier selection, purchasing price negotiations to improving existing contract agreements. Our approach guarantees that you will not receive a huge bill for a thick report that disappears somewhere in a drawer. Most purchasing agencies call themselves 'your partner'. Buyers United, however, adds to the word by taking your result into account in our remuneration.
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