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You can learn presentation

For every purchasing professional it is important to present his (or her) idea with conviction to his target group, the so-called 'public'. You want to inform, convince and encourage that audience to take action. And you do that with a thorough preparation!

On the one hand, the preparation is in your story, ie the formulation of a powerful core message in clear language. And you also prepare that by being aware of your 'performance', such as your body language and use of your voice. With that you can transfer your story to your audience. And that makes an impact.

What is your story?

Moreover, everyone can present. We actually do it all day. Aware and unaware. When we meet someone - for the first time - during a training course, for example, when we are at a networking drink, when we attend a meeting or are in conversation with a customer, supplier or employee.

And what makes everyone a good speaker, his stories! Real stories from your professional life. If you tell about it, if you take your audience to a specific experience, your story will literally speak. You give it color by being as specific as possible when you talk about a previous success or a challenge.

Present with impact!

During the presentation with Impact, you will be provided tools to bring your story with conviction. Like story telling. And these tools are also immediately put into practice, the so-called 'learning by doing'. The result? After a compact and practical training:
- Take the word with confidence and with confidence.
- You can prepare and give your presentation briefly and concisely.
- You know how to keep your 'audience' enthralled and to take action.

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