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Best value procurement

Best value procurement (BVP) is a purchasing method that is about purchasing expertise and is also known as performance purchasing. In contrast to the 'old' way of purchasing where standards and minimum requirements of the purchasing party are leading, the quality of the contractor is decisive for assigning an order.

Healthy market

In fact, a contractor at Best Value procurement gets a lot more free hand, with the underlying idea that the real experts can distinguish themselves from the middle in this way and that you ultimately get the best quality at the lowest price. Because the emphasis is on quality in the assessment of the contractor, price fighters are deterred, and a healthy market is created that enables providers to develop themselves and build a long-term relationship with their clients.

From BVP to Best Value Approach

It is not for nothing that Best Value Procurement has become increasingly popular in the Netherlands in recent years. At the same time there are still a lot of misconceptions about it, and we see more and more hybrid forms that have little to do with the original method. For those who do well, the Best Value Approach also offers great advantages in the implementation phase, such as better cooperation, fewer risks, lower costs and higher customer satisfaction.

Clear approach and expertise

We regularly see that purchasing processes have remained the same for years, despite the advantages of the Best Value Approach. A reconsideration of the purchasing process can be a valuable decision in these cases. To ensure that you work with the right supplier, Buyers United is the partner that can support you in the Best Value process. We are licensees and have A + certified Best Valeu experts. You can expect a clear approach and expertise from dozens of previous Best Value projects.

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